Our founder Brian Lichtenstein has been photographing for over 20 years, with the past 7 years spent on perfecting his skills in landscape photography, with a speciality in long exposure photography and artistic/minimalistic compositions.

We are now 3 people on the team, and are still growing. With the hope to be a lot more in the coming years, so that we can create even more workshops and content.


Our Mission

Our mission is clear. To save photographers everywhere time, money and hassle, by sharing our years of experience, and helping you become better at photography.

We want you to learn everything we know, and we want to create a nice blend of paid content/workshops, and free content, that improve your photography instantly.

We do not promise that you'll be an amazing photography by attending our workshop, we know, as well as you do, that it takes a lot of time, trials and errors. But we can promise to support you all the way, by helping you evolve through our workshops, video courses, and our weekly freebies.

But most of all, we want to create experiences, and share amazing trips, travels, locations and countries with you guys. And just do what we love, in the company of amazing people.

What We've Achieved

  • 3 major workshops in 2016, including landscape photography, photoshop teaching and more
  • Creating our own e-book on landscape photography, with more than 90 pages of content
  • Given lectures at photography clubs, at local camera stores, online lectures and much more
  • Completing workshops in the austrian alps
  • Creating video tutorials, presets for Lightroom and photoshop
  • Partnering with amazing companies, giving us the possibility to give our users discounts on their products
  • And that is just the beginning