If my work can inspire just one person to take better care of this planet - Then I can’t ask for anything else.
— Brian Lichtenstein


Welcome to Nordic Images

My name is Brian Lichtenstein, and I’m a danish landscape and travel photographer.

The goal of this site, is to inspire you as a photographer, to let viewers know, and see more of this amazing planet, that we as humans, are lucky enough to borrow and call home.

I have a passion for creating soft, calm, and minimalistic images, and in particular from the nordic countries, there is just something about these places I can’t get enough off.

On this site, you’ll find articles, tests, blog posts and much more from my travels, and my photography. You are also able to join me on workshops around the world, where I teach my style of photography, and how to improve your skills, and how to find your own style.

I hope you find the site and the images inspirational, and you feel like creating art of your own.



Get my E-book

If you feel like learning a little bit about landscape photography, how to compose a great image, and maybe be inspired to go out and photograph yourself, this book is perfect for you.

I write about settings, light, composition, seasons and weather :) And how to create unique images in more “simple” locations.

The book is in danish, but hopefully I get a chance to write one in English to in the near future.

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If you feel like learning more about my gear, what I use, and maybe even save some money on some of the products, just click the button below to learn more :)

It’s important for me to say, that I only feature products I use every day, and I have faith in.

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If you feel like following me on Instagram, here is a link to my profile :) I try to do a lot of BTS in my stories, and feel free to ask questions about locations, settings and more.