This is a partners page, or a display of partners, sponsors and that sort.

If you need gear, and happen to find some of the stuff I use, useful for yourself, feel free to use the links and discount codes below, it might save you a bit of money, and at the same time, you are helping me a little bit, since the links are affiliate links.

It’s important for me to let you know, that even though I’m a part of these companies affiliate program, I only recommend the products that I use daily, and where I feel like the product, the usage, and the quality are good enough for me, and for you guys.

I get a lot of opportunities to try out products, but I only recommend the stuff I feel like you as a reader here, could use and be happy with.

Filters -

So, I use, as you may know by now, I use Formatt Hitech filters when photographing. I’ve spent a long time trying out different brands, and this is one of the brands I like the best.

The things I really like, is how color neutral they are, and how the Cir. Pol. filter is mounted near the front element of the lens, so I avoid vignetting when using a wide angle lens. And also the fact, that the kits come with adaptor rings for almost any lens out there.

I personally use the following filters, and with a small usage idea next to the info :)

  • 3 stop ND - Used for moving water and such, like seascapes.

  • 6 stop ND - Used for waterfalls, rivers and slower moving water

  • 10 stop ND - Used to soften water completely, and to get movement in clouds

  • 1,2 and 3 stop ND soft graduated filters - Used for images with threes, mountains and such, giving you the possibility to bring the exposure down in particular places in the image, like the sky

  • 1,2 and 3 stop ND hard graduated filters, used for the same reason as above, but more at the sea, with a clean and straight horizon

  • Cir. Polariser filter - Used to remove reflections and glare in water, wet/damp surfaces, windows and such

  • 2 stop ND reverse graduated filter - Used at sunrise/sunset at the sea, to get the sun correctly exposed at the horizon, when the sky above is darker.

Use the code BLICHTEN10 at checkout for 10% off every purchase

Click on the image above to go to the Formatt-Hitech website

Editing -

I’ve recently started editing my images, using the Loupedeck console, and so far, I’ve been positively surprised by the software, the hardware, and the daily usage.

It’s difficult for me to get used to using hardware like this, because I’m so used to working with my keyboard and mouse, when using Lightroom, and to ad another element to that workflow, seemed doomed from the start.

But I have to say, that I work faster with the Loupedeck, than with my old setup, I can be more precise, and it’s much easier to dial in the perfect edit than with a mouse.

It’s mainly targeted for photographers with a lot of images to go through and to edit, like events and such, but I actually find myself using it more and more for landscapes as well.

It’s well priced, and with the discount, as seen on the right, I think you should give it a chance.

Click on the image above to go to the Loupedeck website

Gloves -

During the past 7 years as a dedicated landscape photographer, I’ve met a lot of photographers, and though many of us have the same brands in cameras, the same lenses, tripods and bags, that didn’t seem to be the case with gloves.

I tend to get cold hands very easily, and when standing still for a long time, it gets a whole lot worse than normal, and when I started out, I tried warm whool gloves, leather gloves, neoprene fishing gloves and more. And asked all photographers I met, what gloves they used, to get ideas and to see what worked, but nothing worked for me, every one I met, had to compromise, and use something not perfected for photography, and that seemed odd.

But after using, and finding these photography gloves a few years ago, I’ve found what seems to be the perfect glove for me, with enough insulation and weather proofing to fit my every day need in the Markhof’s, and with more models designed for winter use, for women, and with mittens as well, I really do believe, that the team at, has made a product, that would suit most photographers.