As photographers, we are always being inspired, not only by what we see around us every day, online or where ever you normally get inspired. But we tend to dream images as well.

We always aspire to create that perfect image, than one shot where everything is just perfect. Perfect location, light, composition, just perfect.

But does that really exist? 

Well, yes it does. But with the fast growing social media scene, it has become clear, that the "rules" of photography are being broken, and perfection, and the amazing image, is even more subjective than ever before.

So, how do you achieve that perfect image? Well is a proces, that for some come naturally, and for others, they need to work more to achieve what you think is perfection.

We help you find what you image is the perfect image, we help you find your style, and what really interest you. And by knowing that, we can help you even more as a landscape photographer, than by just "preaching" our methods and ideas.